Make a big impact with a simple project

Customize Your Kitchen 

It’s amazing how a simple (and relatively inexpensive) project like tiling your backsplash can make such a difference in your kitchen. Not only will you spice up your sink area, you will protect it at the same time. A distinctive tile backsplash has the ability to create a focal point in your kitchen or wet bar and really dress-up or jazz up your decor for a personal look. The area that a backsplash covers is really not so large, so your expense is small compared to the visual impact you achieve. Most kitchens look so very similar, and all kitchens that are really used get their share of splatters and drips, so a ceramic tile or mosaic glass tile backsplash can really show off your style of decorating. If you’re looking for something different for your backsplash, consider wood wainscoting – it might be just the accent your need to complete your décor. Or perhaps our new line of metal tile. These traditional and modern metal tiles reflect the light and add the drama you are seeking for a unique look. Come in and let us help you find the solution that works for your kitchen.