Conversions for Seniors and Disabled

Adapting your existing home for an aging senior or for a disability can be a challenge. We have several solutions for your kitchen and bathroom to meet these unique needs.


One of the unique benefits of owning a business is being able to develop new product concepts for your family. My 92 year old Mother lives in a two story house. She lives alone and mobility has increasingly become a problem. The mornings are especially hard on her having to go down stairs to fix her breakfast so she can take her pills. There is no room on the first floor of her home to install a full bath so moving her downstairs is not an option. The house is an older home built in the early 1900’s. Her bedroom upstairs is a decent size and is adjacent to the bathroom, but the electric was not sufficient wattage to run just a few new appliances she would need to prep her coffee and create easy meals. Since washing dishes in the bathroom sink is cumbersome, particularly for someone with arthritis, we decided to build out the wall adjacent to the bathroom enough to house new electric and a plumbing for a sink. We installed new wall cabinets, a small bar sink and a set of drawers and a new counter with as much space as possible. The addition of a mini fridge gave her everything she needed to prep simple meals on her own without having to go downstairs.

Look at the following benefits of converting an existing space into a custom kitchenette

  • Reduce the possibility of falls going up and down the stairs
  • More independence
  • Convenience of having food and drink readily accessible, particularly when there is illness or assistance needed