Shower Systems

Kitchen & Bath Rx offers a wide variety of shower systems designed to give your bathroom the look you want at the price you can afford. We can match up the best option for your needs and budget. We provide a full line of shower systems in various materials, from ceramic tile to acrylic, fiberglass, and vikrell.

Custom Acrylic Showers

If you are planning to replace an existing tub or shower with a new shower unit, you should consider a custom acrylic shower. Our budget friendly acrylic showers allow us to custom fit our floors and walls into both standard and non-standard spaces. We do this by building a custom floor using our shower floor acrylic sheets which are attached to sizeable drain floors, providing slopes for water to reach the drain. We install a new shower valve, ADA handle and shower head, then cut and attach our acrylic walls up to an 8′ ceiling. You also purchase a corner caddy and/or a grab bar as part of your package.
Options include various colors, style of walls, ceiling panel, and a custom shower seat built to your needs.

Showers – Modular Kits

Kitchen & Bath Rx offers a variety of modular shower units for installation in remodeled bathrooms or new additions. We offer shower kits in vikrell and fiberglass, with either an acrylic or gel-coat finish. The specific make and model is a factor of the space available, proposed drain configuration, and accessories desired. We work with a number of manufacturers and have access to a wide variety of brands and models to help you find the right shower unit for your bathroom. Modular Shower Units can be installed by the homeowner or our professional installation staff can install them for you.

Custom Ceramic Showers

Ceramic tile, when properly installed, can last a lifetime and add long-term valve to any home. If you desire the look of a ceramic shower in your bathroom, stop by our showroom. We can help you choose the tile and design to match your decor. Kitchen & Bath Rx can build custom tile floors and walls to match your design and size needs. We use waterproof and water resistant materials to ensure proper drainage and water tightness. We can also provide design additions like tile inserts, niches for shampoo and soap, grab bars, new valves and handles, and much, much more!
We use our professional installation staff for all our ceramic showers to ensure a solid installation. If you decide to install your ceramic shower yourself, we would be happy to help you pick out your tile and provide you with the materials you need.