Accessibility Conversions for Seniors and Disabled

Adapting your existing home for an aging senior or for a disability can be a challenge. We have several solutions for your kitchen and bathroom to meet these unique needs.

A Tub to Shower Conversion

Climbing into an existing tub can be increasingly difficult for an aging senior and nearly impossible for someone wheelchair bound, but modifying your existing bathroom to meet these needs can be a daunting project. We will make this adjustment easy for you. We can remove your existing tub and install a new shower in its place. You can choose a prefabricated unit or we can customize it with ceramic tile or acrylic. We work with you to find the perfect fit for your space, needs, and budget.

Look at the following benefits of converting your tub into an extra large shower

  • Reduce the possibility of falls while getting in and out of the tub

  • We can create a roll in access for wheelchairs

  • Cost effective! You get a larger shower without the increased cost or inconvenience of a major bathroom renovation

  • It’s a tub to shower conversion that allows the seniors or disabled in your life to have more freedom, without sacrificing their safely.

Safe Step – Quick Tub Access

The Safe Step is a unique and affordable solution for those with difficulty stepping over the side of the tub. The Safe Step aids the senior, those with disabilities and their caregivers by removing their biggest barrier in the tub area and allowing a safer entry into the bathtub. When installing the Safe Step, a portion of the side of the tub is cut away and the Safe Step is inserted sealing up the tub and converting your tub to a shower in just a few hours. The new step is about 8″ high and allows a safe entry into the tub. Kitchen & Bath Rx also offers a shower seat that sits on the back rail of the tub and folds up and out of the way when not needed. If you don’t currently have a shower riser, don’t fret! Kitchen & Bath Rx can install a new tub spout with a side diverter and add a new hand held shower hose with water volume adjustment at the hand held shower head. Grab bars are also an important feature that can add security and safety for your bathing needs.

Look at the following benefits of the Safe Step

  • Reduce the possibility of falls while getting in and out of the tub
  • Save thousands of dollars over installing a new shower
  • Works with most existing tubs in fiberglass, steel or even cast iron
  • It’s a tub to shower conversion that simplifies your life and budget