Bathroom Walls

Kitchen & Bath Rx offers a full line of wall treatments to accent your bathroom design. Some of our most popular treatments include Ceramic, Acrylic, Wood & Paintable Paneling and Beadboard.

Acrylic Wainscott

Acrylic Wainscott is a versatile and durable look for your bathroom. The Acrylic Wainscott is designed to install on wall board, plaster, and over ceramic. Each wainscott sheet starts 58″ high and is custom cut to fit each wall at your desired height. Each panel has an integral chair rail formed-in along with a distinctive beadboard effect. Molded corners finish the wall bringing a bright new look to your bathroom. Colors include White, Almond, Biscuit, Pearl, Travertine, marble and granite looks.


Beadboard brings out the charm in your bathroom. Beadboard comes moisture resistant plastic and in paintable and stainable wood versions, including Oak, Maple and Cherry.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile on bathroom walls is a unique option for homeowners. The type of ceramic and the pattern chosen defines your sense of style.  Ceramic walls in bathrooms can cover the walls floor to ceiling, or in half-height with a chair rail pattern.  The type and size of tile can greatly enhance small bathrooms while the addition of decorative inserts brings a sense of elegance. We have a wide range of ceramic tiles in all sizes as well as decorative inserts and we can help you with your design.