Bathroom Vanities

Choose a new vanity or re-finish your existing vanity top.

Waypoint Vanities

If you are looking for a vanity for your bathroom that has a furniture look, Waypoint cabinets are perfect for the job. There are a lot of door styles and finishes to select from and a wide variety of accessories to personalize the vanity. 

Vanity Refinishing & Refacing

If you are happy with your vanity but the countertops are now outdated, then instead of replacing them, consider refinishing. Refinishing allows a new look without tearing out of the old one so you don’t have to deal with the sink or plumbing issues, they are just masked off and sprayed around. Refinishing is a spray-on acrylic polymer finish that goes right over your existing countertops. It is as durable as a new laminate countertop and is cared for the same way. There are many granite-like colors to choose from to give you the new look you desire.

You can also reface your vanity, or make some minor changes to your existing cabinets and reface everything to match. Refacing gives your vanity a whole new look for about half the cost of replacement cabinets. Most refacing work can be done in 3 days! Re-facing is the process of covering the old exteriors of the cabinets with new wood or foil veneer and replacing the doors and drawer fronts to give them a fresh, clean look. Your existing vanity needs to be in good condition structurally and you need to be happy with its size and layout